Weed Control

Sustainable Outdoors undertakes chemical, brush cutting and hand weed control in bushland and streetscapes across Perth.

Reducing weed competition in revegetation sites is one of the most important elements in achieving a successful result. Our past projects include working in and around wetlands, riverbanks, natural bushlands, parks and gardens, open fields and hard stand kerb line spraying. We use knapsack sprayers for dense bushland areas or a Quick Spray unit with dual 200m reels and or a boom for larger jobs.

Hand weeding is another weed control option that we use quite regularly, especially in environmentally sensitive areas or if the weeds are growing close to another plant. This is often done in combination with spraying. Brush cutting can also be used as a last resort means of aesthetically maintaining out of control situations and reducing fire risk.

Our staff are highly skilled and provide a personalised service for each area we maintain, by assigning staff members to each project we have continuity with the client and the area. All our operators hold a current Western Australia Pest Management Technician Licence and are available on request.

Prices can be negotiated on an hourly + chemicals rate or per project price.

Weeds in Perth revegetation area

Weeds in Perth revegetation area

Streetscape maintenance

Weed control on nature strip