Bentonite Clay

For use in sandy gardens in Perth, turning sand into soil.

Preparing the soil is key to creating a sustainable garden. Soil amendments change the texture of the soil to better hold water and nutrients. Products such as Bentonite Clay, Zeolite and Compost are the most important for Perth’s sandy soils and will treat problems such as dryness, water repellency and nutrient deficiency.

Bentonite clay changes the physical texture of the soil. Instead of it being inert sand particles which are basically small rocks with little to no water holding capacity, the clay when mixed into gardens and lawns will fill in the gaps between the sand, almost like building a brick wall and adding mortar between the courses. The clay particles are hundreds of times smaller than grains of sand and act like the glue that holds it all together. Clay also has the natural property of polar attraction so inherently will draw water and nutrients towards it which reduces the hydrophobic conditions.

Because Bentonite Clay is a naturally occurring product it will stay in the soil where it has been mixed for a long time without disappearing unlike water crystals (which are made from petroleum). Bentonite clay is also quite cheap.


  • Where can I buy Bentonite Clay?
    We sell Watheroo Bentonite Clay from our warehouse at 2/21 Strang Court in Beaconsfield – by appointment only. Email  or call 0422 634 809 to arrange a time for collection.
  • How much does it cost?

    20Kg bag for $22 each


    Buy 10 and get 1 FREE

    Buy 50 and get 10 FREE and get FREE delivery (within the metro area only)

    Great if you have friends who might be interested.

  • How much do I need?
    We recommend using 5kg per square metre. You can use slightly more, up to 8kg or as low as 3.5kg but from our experience 5kg offers the best change in soil structure and value for money. Therefore 1 bag will cover about 4 square metres.
  • How do I use it?
    The clay needs to be mixed thoroughly into the sand to a depth of around 30cm (depending how deep the roots of your plants will go). You can do this by using a pick or maddock or for large areas that don’t already have plants we reccomend using a rotary hoe. See the videos below for  more information.
  • Can you deliver it to me?

    Yes, we can deliver it to you. Delivery ranges from $30 to $75 within the Perth Metro area.

    Delivery charges are on a prorata basis based on quantity purchased and distance from our base in Beaconsfield. Discounts are also offered for multiple drops in the same area.

  • How much is rotary hoe hire?

    Smaller machine hire – Per Day $80 + GST & $100 deposit (machine dimensions 500mm W x 800mm L x 900mm H) Fuel not included. This machine will make the job dead easy, great for sandy conditions. Usefully for mixing compost and bentonite together, recommended for jobs around 100m2.

    We also have a larger rotary hoe machine that is attached to a Dingo Mini Digger that we will operate for you to mix the bentonite clay and or compost, This machine will even go through thatched lawn, perfect if you are planning on creating a verge garden. We can even spread out your compost for you. We hire our machine and operator for $85 + GST per hour, minimum of 3 hours plus travel time.

  • This sounds too hard. Can you do it for me?
    Yes, we are experts in soil amendment! We can also add compost and zeolite at the same time to dramatically improve your soil. Contact us for a quote.

How to prepare your vegetable garden using Bentonite Clay


Simon talks about improving your soil with Cara from “The Couch”