Bank Stabilisation at Padbury Primary School

He’s a job we completed at Padbury Primary School. The goal was to stabilise the embankment to minimise erosion.

We used large logs and 50x50x750mm Jarrah stakes to hold them down. We also drilled holes in each stake to tie the wire neatly through so it doesn’t slip off over time. We staggered about 35 logs over 100m2 so there is little space between each for the soil to slip through. The matting and log pinning took about 2.5 people one day to complete.


Log Pinning_Sabilisation_1

The site before

Log Pinning_Sabilisation_2

Jute matting has been laid down and logs are being placed on top

Log Pinning_Sabilisation_3

Logs prior to being pinned

Log Pinning_Sabilisation_4

Detail of log pinning

Log Pinning_Sabilisation_5

Logs have been pinned securely and neatly

Log Pinning_Sabilisation_6

Final result

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