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Bank Stabilisation at Padbury Primary School

He's a job we completed at Padbury Primary School. The goal was to stabilise the embankment to minimise erosion. We used large logs and 50x50x750mm Jarrah stakes to hold them down. We also drilled holes in each stake to tie the wire neatly through so it doesn’t slip off over time. We staggered about 35 logs over 100m2 so ... More

What is the best Mulch to use on Perth gardens?

Rough, coarse and irregular mulch that allows water to easily pass through is the best mulch for our hot summer weather. Find out more in this video by the wonderful Chris Ferreira and Sabrina Hahn.   More

Wireless Hill Wildflowers

Some gorgeous wildflowers we came across during a stroll through Wireless Hill in Spring. More

Vertical Gardens

Simple, easy to build & inexpensive. We  have designed a system that uses recycled products that you can assemble yourself or get professionally installed to create any size or shape. Grow wonderful native plants or create a vertical vegetable garden. We recently installed this vertical garden for the City of ... More

Bentonite Clay

For use in sandy gardens in Perth, turning sand into soil. Preparing the soil is key to creating a sustainable garden. Soil amendments change the texture of the soil to better hold water and nutrients. Products such as Bentonite Clay, Zeolite and Compost are the most important for Perth's sandy soils and will treat problems ... More

Waterwise Irrigator

Sustainable Outdoors has been endorsed by the Water Corporation and Irrigation Australia to provide high quality, industry standard irrigation systems. This is a voluntary initiative that we have taken to show our professionalism in the industry. When we install a system we like to see that our clients get the best advise ... More

Spring Wildflowers

There are so many beautiful wildflowers out at the moment. We found these along the roadside between Bindoon, Gin Gin and Cervantes. All of the plants are also suitable for Perth gardens. Pick some up at an Australian Native Nursery or give us a call if you would like to add some colour to your garden!   ... More

Siphon Mixer

The Siphon Mixer is a great way to distribute water soluble and liquid fertiliser straight from your garden hose. Just screw it on to your tap, place the tube in a bucket of pure or diluted fertilser or wetting agent, switch the tap on and it draws the liquid through the hose. Minimum flow required - 22 Litres/minute ... More