About Us

Sustainable Outdoors is a local Fremantle business dedicated to providing high quality, personalised service to state government and local council, commercial builders and land developers, rural farmers and residential clients in Perth and greater Western Australia. We are currently expanding into Margret River, Yallingup and Dunsborough regions as of 2016.

Sustainable Outdoors was founded by Simon Pawley in 2004 with the aim of enhancing the use of local native plant species and water conservation by providing sustainable alternatives. Verge gardens became our primary focus as a way to revegetate ‘vacant’ unused space into a usable, vibrant and ecology enhancing alternative to lawn. Our work in this field led us to expand into natural area revegetation with local councils and private businesses. We now provide a greater range of services under two main areas, revegetation and maintenance and commercial and residential.

Professional associations we are members of:

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Our Services

Natural Area Revegetation and Maintenance 

  • Revegetation planting
  • Weed control and maintenance
  • Site preparation soil improvement, ripping, scalping
  • Streetscape maintenance pruning & rubbish collection
  • Park and playground maintenance mowing, sand pit cleaning
  • Wetland construction and living streams
  • Soil stabilisation and erosion control
  • Design and management
  • Rural fencing for revegetation sites
  • Fire break maintenance
  • Watering, 4×4 and tanker
Commercial and Residential

  • Verge Gardens and native landscaping
  • Mature tree transplantation
  • Commercial Irrigation systems
  • Waterwise drip irrigation
  • Soil amendment and mulching
  • Frog ponds and living streams